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We Are Antioch!

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Take Part in Something Great

What We Have Done Together

Building Bridges


We have been on quite a ride in our time together, and I am grateful for each day that I get to serve you and our phenomenal  community! It has been a unique time to serve in office. We have endured much together since my term began, from budget woes, to rebounding from a deadly tornado, figuring out life in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, a tumultuous election year, the Christmas Day bombing on 2nd Avenue, COVID-19  vaccinations, new variants of the virus, the Christmas holiday power outages, and most recently, the state's attempt to cut the Council in half and the expulsion of State Representatives Justin Jones and Pearson. We have fought together for democracy and our community during this time to support and care for one another through food and clothing drives, mask giveaways and messages of encouragement. We have pivoted and navigated the unfamiliar waters of this unprecedented time together and persevered. Yes, through it all, We are Antioch and we are resilient! 

    Despite the many setbacks in both our nation and local economy, we have continued to  become one of the fastest-growing sections of middle Tennessee with housing, commercial retail and school development coming to our  area. Century Farms continues to be developed, The Global Mall has a new future and we also have a new police precinct coming to the Southeast. Antioch is a premier location for expansion, particularly District 32. 


    As we continue to deal with our issues, I enjoy being able to engage all of you in person once again for community clean-ups, meetings and celebrations.  In the meantime, we now meet the last Thursday of every month at 6pm at the Southeast Community Center. Please follow updates through my Facebook page: Councilwoman Joy Styles for District 32.


    In closing, it is a distinct pleasure and honor to serve such a diverse and passionate community. I look forward to continuing to grow and serve with you, District 32!



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